Thursday, February 12, 2009

Creeping countries

You wouldn't think that Africa would be able to creep up on you... what with being so fucking huge and all. But creep it has. One minute I just had an email in my hand indicating that something might happen this year, the next I find I only have one working day to arrange travel insurance and buy a mosquito net.

Finally today, I believe, I shrugged off the shackles of Ogilvy. I hope I never have to set foot in the damn place again. They have kept me pretty busy this last week, working on some project which will never probably be realised. Just when it was almost finished, and the guys in suits were quite pleased with it, along came a new creative director and wanted to rip it to pieces and for me to write the whole thing over again. I smiled sweetly, gave him my usb stick, said 'enjoy, I'm outta here'. I have far more important things to concern myself with.

Take the serendipitous occurrence this weekend. After being harangued into going out because 'you haven't been out in Prague in ages Maie, lets have a large one' I found myself pretty much abandoned on a boat at 1am as everyone wimped out and slunk home to be with their respective partners. Luckily I am unfazed by such things and I merrily went about doing my impression of an epileptic camel on the dance floor. It was there I met the most extraordinary Czech/Slovak chap who, after we talked for nearly 6 hours solid, invited me to dinner. It's not often that something like that happens.

So tomorrow there is some running around to do. Then I have to start the task of packing. Tough because at least half of my bag will be filled with 'make your own beer powder' and czech hockey shirts that dear Pavel in dry old Kuwait has demanded.

Had a load of vaccinations today, feel a bit sick, but never mind, will wrap myself in a blanket and watch DVD's in readiness for the hectic day tomorrow. A friend from Budapest is supposed to be staying at my house for two days as of tonight... and I haven't heard hide nor hair of him today. hmmm.

Anyway, probably won't have much internet access in Ethiopia but will try and post when I can.


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