Sunday, January 25, 2009

Far more eloquent

So why the new blog? Well Istanblogorama seemed a little out of date. So this will be my new and permanent blog address. Probably.

Life has taken some twists and turns since I last got my blogs off.

I left my fantastic Bospherous view and turned back to Prague with the promise of a directors position at a well known ad agency. However, when I arrived I found that they were less than gentlemanly about the whole schebang. Suddenly the title of the position changed, then the wage lowered... I was seeking legal advice. Unfortunately though, I'd outsmarted myself. Realising that my first contract was illegal, I negotiated a new contract and effectively negotiated myself out of any form of compensation when the deal soured. Let that be a lesson - don't try and be too clever. This was proved once more when I actually saved myself thousands of pounds by not transferring my savings from Czech Korun to a British high interest account just before the pound nose dived. Never has sitting on my fat ass proved so profitable.

Anyhoo, my client got credit crunched and within my new 'legal' trial period, I lost my job and my shoe allowance with no compensatory pay out. Bugger.

Some people would get quite pissed off about that. Others would drink a bottle of pinot grigio and book a trip to Ethiopia, fly to London to go to the Tate modern, spend a weekend snowboarding and buy an overnight train ticket to Budapest to go to a party. Never let it be said that I don't have my priorities straight.

They always say 'be careful what you wish for - you just might get it' and I'd been praying for a holiday for 2 years. Now I got it.

I also learned some life lessons. Namely that I have all the rhythm of an epileptic camel, I also don't have any cool underwear (or money for implants) - so my career as a pole dancer is over before it has even begun. I also have an aversion to the smell of over boiled cabbage so I am never going to marry a rich old millionaire who is on his deathbed. My internal organs are probably already pickled, so that's the Indian transplant black market scuppered too. Seriously I have a spare kidney if anyone is interested? It's a bloody proven workhorse too.

So it seems that the only option left to me is writing. The problem is that I really enjoy it. Oh will I ever be an international business executive with five star hotels and air miles? It seems not.

Right now I am the voice of popstress 'Avril Lavigne' writing scripts and website copy for a new project she is working on. Yes my words will spew from her mouth. Too funny.

As I write, the song 'don't worry be happy' is playing on someone's car radio. kinda cool.

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